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Welcome to Talk About Jokes!

If you're looking for something to amuse you, you're in the right place. Talk About Jokes is a collection of the funniest jokes, teasers, one-liners, riddles and life observations that our editing team has seen over the past twenty years.

Perhaps surprisingly, most of the humour we've collected came from sources other than the internet - in fact quite a few came straight from all-night sessions around the pub table, stray comic thoughts around the office, and even from the good old days when people used to fax their jokes from company to company!

We're not here to repeat the same old jokes you've already seen out there on the internet. Oh, no... not us. Every single joke here is carefully edited, re-written, re-constructed, analysed, and fine tuned by an editorial professional (most of us work as editors in real life, so we reckon that each and every word should add something to the joke).

"Down with bad grammar, lousy punctuation, and jokes stuffed with padding" is what our motto would be, if it wasn't already "Where's the tea, then, Jim?"

On this web site you'll find:

  • Animals
    Here we've collected up all the best jokes involving animals, pets, and everything that crawls or trots around leaving a trail of hilarity behind it
  • Cartoon Physics
    Here we've collected from all over the world the best of the laws which seem to govern cartoon characters and their mishaps and endeavours...
  • Children
    Here we've collected up all the best jokes involving children, schools, parental challenges, and the darnedest things that kids say
  • Groaners
    Here we've collected up all the best jokes that will make you double over, groan, laugh out loud, and want to immediately tell all your friends on Facebook
  • Intellectual
    Here we've collected up all the best jokes that depend on a little intellectual word play, punning, absurd logic, and other things that made our heads hurt just thinking about them
  • It's Official
    Here we've collected up all the best jokes involving officials, governments, the military, employers, employees, and all the crazy stuff they can get up to without being fired
  • Life's Tough
    Here we've collected up all the best jokes involving the twists and turns of life: the ultimate school of hard knocks (and the occasional knocker)
  • Medical
    Here we've collected up all the best jokes involving the world of medicine - hospitals, doctors, nurses, patiences, funny diseases and all the other things that keep you smiling when you're ill
  • Religious
    Here we've collected up all the best jokes involving religion and spirituality in all its forms; we're not having a go at any one religion... we're knobling them all!
  • Short'n'Sweet
    Here we've collected up all the best one-liners, odd thoughts, silly questions, puzzlers, quickies, Tom Swifties and nonsense lists
  • Truly Strange
    Here we've collected up all the best jokes involving the truly strange, unusual, unnatural, wierd, wonderful, cooky, fruity, nutty, batty, whacky and downright ridiculous
  • World's Funniest
    These are the jokes voted 'the world's funniest jokes' - ever...
  • Not So Clean
    Here we've collected up all the best jokes that aren't as clean (that is, safe to tell your mother) as all the other categories here - but don't worry, they're still not really offensive!

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Web Sites

  • Talk About

    Talk About web sites help you find exactly the information, ideas and reviews you need, covering just about every subject you can think of! Whatever you're looking for, try searching the Talk About sites first - the chances are we've already found what you're looking for and we're ready to hand it to you on a plate, free of charge. So many people spend hours and hours searching the internet but, with the best will in the world, a search engine can only give you raw data - among hundreds of other irrelevant web sites - and you have to pick your way through it, sort it out, collate it, and find the right answer for yourself... but the Talk About web sites represent the distilled wisdom of subject experts from all around the world, offering their advice and guidance for free - just because they can! What are you waiting for? Get searching!  >  go there now!

... and more helpful web sites are being added all the time!


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